Go’aamadii Shirkii “Khaatumo” Ee Aqoonyahanada Dhulbahante-(English)

Shirkii aqoonyahanada SSC uga socday magaalada London ayaa maanta soo gabagaboobay, iyadoo laga soo saaray go’aamo dhaxal gal u ah midnimada beesha SSC..

Declaration of the Consultative Conference of Beesha Dhulbahante Diaspora

Guiding Principles The declaration of the consultative Conference held in London on April 21-24, 2011 have been centered on the issues of peace, security, the provision of humanitarian assistance to those adversely affected by the war campaigns waged against our people and ravaging drought which envelops our territory.

The related issues of the extension of social services, of carrying out reconstruction projects and of the undertaking of development programs have also been discussed.

The deliberations have uncovered the necessity of crafting of a common political framework and identification of appropriate administrative mechanisms for assuring peace and stability in our territory among us and our neighboring communities and in the wider Horn of Africa area.

The common political framework incorporates the enduring commitment to the principles of :

· Unity and territorial integrity of Somalia

· Democratic self-governance and the abiding rights to resistance against aggression

· Peaceful political dialogue in managing conflicts

· Peaceful building, sinking the deep roots of stability and sustainable development

· Good practices in self governance such as accountability and transparency

· Sustainable management of the ”commons” (grazing areas and water points) in accordance with the carrying capacity of the land and the curbing of desertification.

Our commitment to these principles guide our strategy of self-governance and decide our own destiny.

They motivate our embracing of conflict management through peaceful political dialogue and peace-building.

They drive demand to end of the military occupation of our territories: towns, villages and country side. The above principles also guide our dedication to resistance and pursuit of liberty for our people.

The other Conference Recommendations and Conclusions are with regard to:

· To hold an all-inclusive conference inside the country for SSC people, both at home and Diaspora.

· To name a technical committee that will select the venue of the meeting, decide on the time and raise funds for the conference

· To hold the conference in one of the towns of SSC that meets the criteria set by the technical committee at the appropriate time preferably in the rainy season

· To fund the conference from the resources of the SSC people and to invite local and international media to cover the conference

· To convey to domestic and international communities the commitment and conviction of the SSC People to live in peaceful co-existence and harmony with the neighboring communities inside Somalia and in the Horn of Africa at large.

· To insist on the in alienable right of the SSC people for self-determination, to resist occupation, and to come up a visible plan to achieve the liberation of SSC territory.

· To unite the efforts and power of the SSC (economic and security) in order to achieve peace and sustainable security

· To develop the SSC territories by focusing on rural sustainable livestock management, curb renewable natural resource degradation (Desertification and resource depletion), and develop water resources

· To develop the physical and social infrastructures such as airports, roads, schools and clinics etc.

· To develop the human resources of SSC through skills training, repatriation of qualified professionals, short term voluntary services and minimize the influx of the local communities

· To promote investments in SSC regions through potential sources of funds such as NGO’s, contributions from local and diaspora communities and regional and international aid agencies

· To strengthen Nugal University including the research capabilities for conducting surveys and needs assessment

· To promote private sector development, specifically micro, small and medium enterprises

· To promote awareness through social networking and media outlets

Finally, we wish to inform the people of Sool, Sanag and Ayn that the efforts of the SSC diaspora are united and indivisible in order to attain liberty and development in our territories, and will endeavor to achieve the same for all the people inside Somalia. To this end, the SSC Diaspora Conference recommends the convening of an all-inclusive congress of SSC communities inside the country at the appropriate time and without delay.


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One response to “Go’aamadii Shirkii “Khaatumo” Ee Aqoonyahanada Dhulbahante-(English)

  1. acww dhamaan.
    waa fikir wanaagsan oo ay ku hormarin karaan degaanka ssc ,waana aan idinku taageersanahay goaamada aad qaadateen ,horna aan idiinku taageeray wax kasta oo shacbka ssc ay u arkaan in ay ku gaarayaan ismaamul,iskufilaasho ,iyo horumar lataabankaro oo deg deg leh.

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